"There could be 100 dancers on stage and - I only see you."
Ariana Qizmolli, Professional Stage Dancer / Former Member Company RUS H OUR

"You are and have that certain something."

"You were such an inspiration and role model to me.
You cannot believe how much I look up to you."
Mirjam Jamuna Zweifel, Former Student HF Bühnentanz

"With you, one can see how the beat and the music
is experienced and expressed in every single cell of your body."
Francesca Callejo, Camerawoman

"Everything you touch turns to gold."
Nina Schaufelberger, Former Dancer

"In everyday life such a goof, but as soon as you’re on stage ... enter Miss Elegance!”
Judith Rusch, Mother

"Exceptional is your coolness.
You stand firm under pressure, hold highest
professional stance, and stand there -- here I am -- ...
sing, or dance, or master both simultaneously in
enviable style. All prerequisites to achieve GREATNESS!"
Mathias Rusch, Father

"I watched your YT videos and tears came to my eyes. You're insane!! Never, in my life have I seen someone dance like that!
You're... words can’t describe you! For days I have not been able to think about anything else!
I have looked at your website so often and read every searchable text about you.
You motivated me to keep going and not give up. You are just amazing.
I have been taught so often by you and had no idea of who was there
in front of me!
I still cannot believe that I am being taught by you. You are my star and greatest role model, keep it up!!!
I do not know, how to thank you! In admiration of you, Livia!
Livia Koester, Dance Student

Hello Passion
I wanted to thank you again for accompanying us all day at Sabi and Roger’s wedding with your music.
For me music is the key to people’s hearts. In combination with your warmth and your significant lifeblood, that you pour into your music, you touched our hearts deeply.
Dear Debi, you significantly contributed to this special day. Your voice is incredible and gave me the creeps
even though it was over 30 degrees during the wedding ceremony.
Thank you all again very much.
You made our party something incredible.

Martina, Marriage Witness, Wedding June 2019


Special thanks to the photo-/videographers:

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