“When you dance to your own rhythm, life taps its toes to your beat.”

(Terri Guillemets)

Her own songs have already been live performed, covered and reinterpreted by herself, but she is only now after 7 years of work in progress, taking the big leap to publish them officially. As a whole-hearted artist she builds, conjures and creates continuously, mixes different styles and worlds, dances and sings on more than just one chair at once and masters the balancing act of multiple fields in which she works.

She has been on tour with the event and cover band «Passion», and sings along side her father in renowned venues for events of all kinds all over Switzerland. Pursuing her own musical career Rusch established herself as a wedding singer since 2018 (see below) and now concentrates on her solo career within the range of her self-written songs.

As a professional dancer, choreographer, director and manager of her own dance company «RUS H OUR» as well as singer and songwriter she only feels complete if she can work as a whole package and add her personal touch. What makes her truly happy is to overlap styles and genres, like she did for Intercoiffure at the European congress (2018), the Colormania Fashionnight by Goldwell (2019) or is now doing in her own songs. She got hold of a spot on the talent stage at the Dreamshelter Festival in Kempten (Germany) in 2021 and celebrated the debuts of her songs on smaller events, mostly surrounded by her dancing company RUS H OUR.

In 2020 she kicked off with The Global Happy Song «As One We Dance In The Rain», a worldwide collaboration of 10 musicians and 65 dancers from 15 different countries with the goal to reunite society.
Now the time has come to become even more personal and Rusch will go public with songs, which have been lying in splendid isolation for years.

With her singles "Grey", "Do You Remember" and "I Know What I Don't Know" the multi-artist got off to a great start. The songs not only made it into the playlists of major national radio stations such as Radio Swiss Pop, Radio Energy, RSI Rete Tre, but were also enthusiastically received by many radio stations throughout Europe!

Her newest ballad "The Road Needs To Be Repaved" continues the success of her last three singles, but still opens a new chapter. It carries us through the elementary decision of keeping control or embracing unexpected paths.
Accepting what life gives us and finding the courage to recalculate our life route.

One can be curious to which destination her brand-new single will navigate her!

wedding / christening / funeral / birthday / special occasions of all kinds

As an outside person, being part of one of the most beautiful and personal days of a couple, illuminating new life or celebrating loved ones and thus creating memories, moments that connect forever, I love that as an artist and it touches me again and again.

May I sing solo for you on your personal occasion?
Would you prefer a combination pack including the whole band?

Together we will make the right sounds.

Hello Passion
I wanted to thank you again for accompanying us all day at Sabi and Roger’s wedding with your music. For me music is the key to people’s hearts. In combination with your warmth and your significant lifeblood, that you pour into your music, you touched our hearts deeply. Dear Debi, you significantly contributed to this special day. Your voice is incredible and gave me the creeps even though it was over 30 degrees during the wedding ceremony. Thank you all again very much. You made our party something incredible.

Martina, marriage witness, wedding June 2019