Whether as catwalk-model, face-model or hair-model for shootings in magazines, annual reports or various trailers, from swimwear/underwear to winter collections and from sporty to elegant ...
 Debora Rusch has already modeled for many stores and brands such as Sport Trend Shop, Dosenbach/Ochsnersport, Tabu-Bodywear, Goldwell, Madame Pierre, Xess and Baba, Stihl - Industrial Fashion Show, Intercoiffure Mondial - World Congress in Osaka, Japan 2017, Mad Hairstyling, European Congress Intercoiffure, Apropos Coiffure, Beauty & Style Academy Zurich.

From classic to ... no, STOP. They were probably never classical. But most of all with power, ‘Pfupf’, verve and creativity.
In the context of dance/singing and pure entertainment, fashion is presented in unusual shows/shootings in a cheekier, refreshing and just "different" way.