“They call it dance. I call it life.”


“Dance every day as if it’s the final performance. Don’t save your joy and passion only for the stage. Infuse every second, catch every moment, take every chance to feel, to explore, to do your thing. Make the common floor, the daily street and the regular hour your very own and phenomenal stage.”

(Debora Rusch)

Debora Rusch started her dancing career very early as a rhythmic gymnast. After ten years of intensive cantonal and national competition activities, she had enough of following codes and guidelines and started to realize her own projects whilst still an active gymnast. She established herself more and more in urban dance and combined elements of rhythmic gymnastics with Hip-Hop and Breakdance to create her own personal, unmistakable style.

After finishing her commercial baccalaureate, she completed her three-year dance education as a qualified stage dancer at the HF for contemporary and urban stage dance in Zurich and acquired the skills of a professional dancer. She continued her education in New York, Paris and several destinations in Germany. She trained with the so-called OGs of Hip-Hop history, i.e. the Elite Force Crew, to deepen her dance experience, which has long been at the mercy of her love and fascination for Hip-Hop culture.

Debora found her entry into the Swiss dance scene during her training and as a multi-faceted dancer got various engagements for live shows, Swiss television, fashion shows, music videos. She was booked as a dancer by Remady & Manu-L, Robin Schulz and various bands. She also danced at the Swiss Music Awards, Credit Suisse Sports Awards, The Dance and many more. In addition to the commercial sector, she was also able to gain experience in contemporary dance and theater productions with various choreographers and to work across styles and disciplines in Switzerland and abroad. She has danced at the Zurich Hallenstadion, Germany, France, USA, China and Japan and is present at national and international festivals and battle platforms of the urban scene as well as on the big stages.

She is keen to pass on her wide-ranging, in-depth knowledge and know-how, which she traveled the world to acquire. As a dance teacher ranging from children to adults, from hobby to professional classes, as a movement coach for athletes of all kinds, as a jury member of dance competitions and as a choreographer, she makes a name for herself with her versatility, her talent, her dedication and her open and heartfelt nature.

Since 2017 she is the proud founder, choreographer and at the same time dancer of her own Dance Company RUSH HOUR.